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stills from playing it cool


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"going to be in hiatus" mas meudeus como é dramático. :’)

MAS UÉÉÉÉÉ eu vou estar HUAHUAUHA eu não vou levar notebook dessa vez, não vai rolar d’eu ficar atualizando o tumblr em sampa E ME DEIXA VIVER, MULHER

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Ryan Gosling on the set of Only God Forgives

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Life is complete, met Michael Fassbender aka Mr Rochester on the Wellington to Picton ferry!! #starstruck #michaelfassbender #newzealand

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25 things i wish i realized while i was still in highschool

  1. That zit on your cheek literally does not matter
  2. Skipping class one time will not ruin your entire life
  3. The boy you’re trying so hard to impress will mean nothing to you in a year
  4. Bring coffee to school and ignore people who make fun of it
  5. Bring a snack, too. Don’t care if people hear you eating in class.
  6. Being popular isn’t and will never be something that seriously defines who you are
  7. Appreciate your teachers
  8. Doing/not doing drugs doesn’t make you cooler than anyone else.
  9. Neither does drinking
  10. Talk to the kid sitting alone; even though it may not change your life it could drastically change theirs
  11. Participate in school events
  12. Wear sweatpants everyday
  13. Or wear a dress everyday
  14. Wear whatever makes you comfortable
  15. Nobody will laugh at you if you sit alone at your lunch table for five minutes
  16. Utilize the library
  17. Don’t wait 20 minutes to text someone back just to seem cool
  18. Tell your friends how much you love them
  19. Cherish your free textbooks… seriously
  20. Help confused freshmen, be nice to them. Remember how much you would have appreciated it a couple years ago
  21. Compliment the other girls in the bathroom
  22. That fight you had with your mom really isn’t that big of a deal
  23. It’s okay to cry
  24. Don’t let your desire for a romantic relationship stop you from forming platonic relationships
  25. Remember that life does go on

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Since I don’t wanna lose any followers, I fucking queued my fucking drafts. If this is not love I REALLY DON’T KNOW WHAT IT IS